Tuesday, June 3, 2008

of mice and men

Of Mice and Men: Symbols

When most people think of an old friend, they think of great memories, shared times, and aging pastures. Who would have ever thought that such a wonderful friend would be seen as some type of dragging agony of suffrage? In the book entitled “Of Mice and Men”, Candy’s old dog symbolized crushed dreams. This symbolism was carried throughout the book until the dog was murdered. When the dog died so did Candy’s aspiration, energy, and hopes of succeeding in life. There was someone that surprisingly lived the same life Candy did in the struggle.
As vividly as I can remember, the sound of the urging bullet tearing through the dog’s head, not only ripped though one’s skull. It also sounded off emotions and signaled fear that Candy was now in this war called life, alone. In desperate measures, Candy turned to his only other option, himself. In a dark corner, he did the only thing that seemed as if could numb his body and hoping to heal his wombs. After thinking of the fatal womb repeatedly, Candy seemed to be the blame because he wasn’t the one to cast his dreams away, somehow to seemingly and infinitively put them to rest.
While reading the book, you could almost see the smile on Lenny’s face as he elaborated on “eating off the fat of the land”, coincidently, Candy wasn’t the only one brewing up unsettled dreams. Somehow it seemed that both George and Candy’s windmills were blowing in the same direction. Seemingly cooperating, Lenny agreed that he would tend the rabbits. In this fantasy world that they hoped to someday be reality, they set aside the drama and the “negative attention” and promised that they would make a family with life. They agreed with a very famous slogan without ever mentioning it, “if you cant beat it then join it, life being their only competition.
With a decrepit hand, bent back, and aging body, it was quite obvious that Candy could not do too much of anything on his own. In this condition, he came to the conclusion that his dog was the only one that felt his pain, breathed his air, the one that was on his side, the one that had to fight the same battle everyday. Not only the fight of life but also the fight with integrity, discipline and his demeanor. Curly was the heir of the throne and these battles were with one of his own, the master. This dream that Candy hoped to grasp, would settle all of these differences that the dog had already tragically lost too.
Like may teams, members lost, no the dog will no longer guard the great house with the white picket fence that once only existed in a dream. Lenny lost the fight to life, dreams were crushed, no, the rabbits will no longer be tamed, nor the chickens be rounded by him. Both Candy and George struggled to get where they felt they belonged in life, where they left there best friends off in the ongoing chapters of aspiration, energy and hopes of struggling in life. If you’re interested in success beyond the struggle and are wondering when will the storm end, it won’t. It would be wrong to convince you otherwise that would be wrong but if you need encouragement to never set aside your dream this is the book for you.

the brotherhood

The Brotherhood
What is brotherhood? Brotherhood is men bonding together for a common good, they ride together and die together. Some times their decision bring life and sometimes it brings death but either way their decision is final. As brothers their goal is to unite as one to protect their own, they unite together to play and relax, they also unite as one to kill another brother.
“Get him Lennie” that was the pleas of George when Curley began to beat Lennie for laughing at him. Lennie is a grown man with a mind of a four-year-old. Whatever George tells him he does. Curley is the boss son so he believes he can do whatever he wants because people are suppose to be scared of him, especially big guys and he hates them for the fact that he is small. Curley walked into the room looking for his wife and Lennie not knowing no better was laughing, and that’s when the fight began. “Ahhaa!” that was the sound of Lennie charging Curley his intention wasn’t to hurt Curley but just to make him stop hitting him. When Lennie got angry with Curley he broke his hand. “I’m sorry George, I didn’t mean to you said it was all right George” those were Lennie words when he realized he made a big mistake. He was just doing what he believed was right. After the fight was over everyone let Curley know that he was going to let people know that his hand got messed up by one of the machines. This was brotherhood.
George was real close with Slim. Even though Slim was his boss he was able to open up to him and be able to tell him things he couldn’t tell anyone else. When they got done working they would play horseshoes. It was a fun game to them to sit back and relax and take the stress off. While they were out having a ball Lennie was in the barn talking with Curley wife even though he was told not to because she would get him into so much trouble. She told him the only reason why she kept coming around was because she needed someone to talk to she was lonely. Lennie told her how he liked to touch soft things and she convinced Lennie into touching her hair she didn’t realized what was going to occur after the touching but she would oh boy she would be surprised.
“I’m going to kill that bastard” Curley yelled. They just found his wife in the barn with her neck broken and they all knew who did it but Curley wanted to kill him for what Lennie did to his hand. Know body knew why Lennie did what he did but George knew the only reason he would do something like that if the person started to get scared and scream. George knew he had to find Lennie before anyone else did because they wouldn’t give him any mercy. When George found Lennie he was hidden in the spot George told him to go. George hugged Lennie and told him it was going to be okay. Lennie told George to tell him the story of there farm. “We going to live in a big house with a wind mill and we going to have all these animals.” “George tells how I’m going to tend the rabbits and feed them alfalfa. “Yeah Lennie you going to tend the rabbits and feed them alfalfa it’s going to be real nice Boom” that was the sound of George blowing Lennie brains out.
In conclusion brotherhood is riding together and dying together. Even though you’re grown men you’re able to relax and be yourself but if something goes wrong you will kill one of your brothers in a heartbeat.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Take 2!!

Last Thursday, Quincy and I recorded out scene for the documentary. This scene was the beginning of our partnership: Quincy was asking me to be his partner but was kind of beating around the bush because he was nervous, I took it the wrong way and assumed he was asking me out. We became partners and this scene was shot at Franklin Square.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lights Camera Action

Coming Soon:
Video analysis on the do's and dont's when it comes to NHD. Sneak peak on the actual project aspects and how it can affect both friendships and even your attitude towards partner(s) or rivals.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Empire of the Sun

In the 1940’s a young boy was held hostage in china by the Japanese army. As a young boy Jamie had a young adult mentality. He had survival skills. A man named Basie showed Jim a couple of survival skills himself. Basie was from England also. Basie was selfish but he showed Jim a few things about the wild life. Jamie AKA Jim got the name Jim from the Americans. Jim earned his respect from the Americans because he showed the Americans that they could trust him by seeing if there were any traps or bombs for an escape plan. He earned respect from some Japanese troopers because he learned how to speak and respect their Japanese ways. Jim was already English so he was already family to them.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Paper: How To's

-library will be your home for a few months
-internet sources aren't always reliable
-teachers can sometimes assist you
-start bibliography as soon as you begin researching

-don't have to depend on anyone because you work alone
-need a set time for every aspect of the project
-doesn't affect any relationships in anyway

-working alone
-lot of time revising
-alot of stress on yourself

Survival Tips
-don't wait until last minute to start work
-get advice from teachers
-use as many primary sources as possible
-jot down alot of resources

Performance: How to's

Script: choose characters
research everything
practice alot
choose your partners wisely
memorize your lines/ practice
costume has to connect to your topic or focus
use more than one source
remember that through time and gathered information, the theme of your play may change: its normal!!